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God what a life

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February 1st, 2009

01:28 pm - i hate being sick
I have been sick for almost a week now and it is frustrating, I don't have much energy and what I do have gets used up just by going up and down the stairs to do things around the house.  I'm so tired lucky for me though the hubby has the next 2 weeks off work.  Maybe it will give me time to work on my stories for my fanfiction site and my stories that I am putting together to try and send out to publishers. 

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January 29th, 2009

11:23 am - oops
next time I will remember to do up links for my stories and not post them like I did with these.  Sorry for taking up so much room guys and for being understanding :D

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08:47 am - Yet another LFN fanfic

“Mr. Wellman, the investigation into the location of the Directory has now excluded you. You did a very good job and I thank you. We will talk again.” The slightly accented voice said somberly.

Gray Wellman smiled slightly. “Am I to continue the contact with Nikita?”

“Yes Mr. Wellman you will continue the relationship until further notice.”

“I understand. Good bye.” Gray set the phone down in its cradle and walked into his kitchen to finish making dinner. Nikita was due in a couple hours, he was glad that he didn’t have to break the relationship off so soon. She was a breath of fresh air in his life, it had been so cold and lonely since his wife was killed. He knew that the only reason the two of them had their “chance” meeting was because they were both ordered to, but that didn’t change the fact that both of them seemed to have a real connection to each other.

Gray didn’t know how his boss knew that Harding was going to end up on the bus that day, he just got the phone call and was told to make sure he was on that bus. Gray found the opportunity to lift the Directory when Harding bumped into him, the man never even noticed the disc being lifted from his pocket. Gray had been trained very well, he was even able to fool the best at Section One, Madeline and Birkhoff never even realized that he was not as innocent as they had been lead to believe.

Gray remembered the day that he had been taken to the “police” station. He didn’t know where all the equipment was at, but he did know it was there. He had studied for years about Section One and their methods. Sitting across the desk from Madeline left him with a sense of overwhelming power, knowing that he was fooling her completely sent a thrill raising through his body. He had spent years learning how to fool the most advance forms of lie detection so he had no fear as to being caught. Gray was one of the best in his field and he knew it.

The only thing he really didn’t expect was them sending in Nikita, he didn’t know much about her, but that didn’t take away from the fact that he had to fool her too. She was easy to get along with and it sometimes took concentration to keep to his cover story. Yes he had been married but his wife hadn’t just died, she had been killed during a torture session at the hands of Red Cell. Gray had been reduced to watching in horror as the blood flowed slowly from her limp form, fifteen minutes after she took her last breath the rescue team had arrived. He didn’t blame his boss for her demise, it was just something that happened in the line of duty, but still it hurt.

Gray suddenly shook himself out of his reminiscence and looked at his watch, then he made sure that dinner was keeping warm until Nikita arrived. He had to wait just another five minutes. Gray looked around his small home to make sure that there were photos out of his “family” the pictures of him and his wife were displayed prominently, the pictures that were doctored of his “daughter” were less obvious but still apparent. Casey was just another part of his cover story but he still cared for the little girl. She had been the daughter of one of their targets, when they had picked the father up she had unfortunately been with him and they had no choice. Casey was well taken care of by another operative at the moment, when he had found out that his cover story was going to include the young child he couldn’t understand why. His boss had explained that it would help Nikita to form an attachment to him, so his boss had been correct on the reaction that this young operative would have.

His doorbell ran loudly and caused an echo to reverberate off the walls. His head snapped up to look towards the door until he realized that it was time for Nikita to arrive. He made his way slowly to the entrance and admitted the blond haired beauty. As soon as he opened the door his eyes flickered across the street and he noticed the auburn haired man standing inconspicuously in the shadows. He had noticed the man a few times before while he was out with Nikita and he recognized him from the information his boss had given him. This was Michael, Nikita’s mentor and trainer, the man looked dangerous even from across the street and Gray could feel the waves of jealousy and hatred emanating from the green-eyed, lethal man. Gray allowed a slight smile cross his features as he realized that he could have fun with this new found piece of information. Nikita smiled at Gray as he allowed her entrance into the warm living room. He made a show of taking her coat from her and smiling before he closed the door. Yes this assignment was going to be very fun indeed, he wondered how long it would take before Michael made his presence known, that was going to be a test in itself.


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08:46 am - so many stories not enough brain capacity

Looking out the window she noticed the red tint; it looked like someone had decided to put a red tint over the world. The eerie red that covered the world made things seem so foreboding and scary. She shivered from the uneasy feelings that skittered up her spine.

Kiraura Ensanburg turned from the window; her blond hair fanning out behind her as she scurried to the door across the large bedchamber. She needed to hurry; she needed to get to the circle, to safety. Kiraura grabbed her riding cloak as she passed an arm chair on her way to the door. She flung the heavy wooden door open and rushed down the stairs. As she reached the front door a click made her skid to a halt. She turned to see a looming shadow standing in the middle of her father's study door. Her scream gurgled in the back of her throat nearly choking her; her hand rushed up to her throat as she fought to keep the scream trapped in her throat.

"Kira my dear what ever are you doing?" Georick Ensanburg was a handsome man in his mid-fifties. Even in his advancing age he still had a head full of unruly black hair, the deepest of blues eye that twinkled and a smile that stopped most women in their tracks.

"Papa, I was just going for a ride." Kiraura stammered. She hated lying to her father but she couldn't tell him what was going on; or more what she feared was happening. She needed to get to the circle to find out if she was right or not.

"Dear it is getting late."

"Papa! I must go but I will be back soon I promise."

Georick shook his head; he knew that he could not deny his only child her wish. He watched as she rushed down the steps and into the stable. He knew that she was nervous he had learned long ago not to push her that his lovely daughter would eventually tell him.

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08:45 am - GL fanfic....early Danny and Michelle (I miss this couple)

“WHY!!” Michelle’s voice carried out from behind the closed door.

Danny heard Michelle‘s heart wrenching cry down the hallway. He knew that she was hurting. ‘Could it only have been this morning that they heard that Ed had died? Massive heart attack unexpectedly taking down Michelle‘s father.’ Danny thought to himself. Slowly he approached the door and turned the doorknob, he cracked the door open and peeked through to see Michelle laying in a broken pile in the middle of the bed. Sobs of pain coming from the depths of her small form. He approached her quivering form, he sat down on the edge of the bed and drew her body onto his lap and into the safety of his arms. Slowly her arms wrapped around his middle and she clung to him like he was the only life preserver on a sinking ship. Danny started to stroke her hair lightly and after a few moments her crying lessened until their quiet breathing was the only sound in the room.

Michelle tilted her head up and looked at Danny with her luminescent brown eyes.

“Thank you for being here for me.” Michelle whispered with a voice raw from crying.

“I wouldn’t be anywhere else.” Danny stated quietly.

Michelle reached up and stroked her hand down the side of his face, tracing his jaw line until her fingers came to rest on his lips. Danny’s sharp intake of breath made Michelle’s eyes widen just slightly. Her fingers quietly slide from his lips as Danny lowered his head just a fraction as Michelle raised her head up to close the space between their faces. Their lips touched in a sweet kiss which quickly deepened into a more passionate one.

Danny snapped back to the present when he tasted the saltiness of her tears on his tongue, he reluctantly broke the kiss and set Michelle back from him.

“Danny…” Michelle began

“No I think that it is best I leave.” Danny interjected quickly as he got up from the bed and headed for the door.

"Stay..." her simple statement caught him off guard. Her eyes shimmered with unshed tears as they searched his for the answer she desperately wanted to hear.

"Are you sure?" he whispered back hesitantly.

She nodded slightly and without another word he sat back down on the bed. He gathered her small frame back into his arms and rested his cheek on the crown of her head. She made a small sigh and settled into his arms without a fight. She inhaled deeply to gather his scent completely into her system, surprisingly she felt intoxicated with the joy of being in his arms. He felt amazed that this woman he loved so much had finally just for a moment in time accepted him.

They sat there for what seemed like an eternity to the both of them, but finally he shifted to settle his back against the headboard. The movement jarred her off his lap but he didn't loosen his grip on her. He didn't want to let her go not even for an instant, he slowly dragged her to rest next to him. She looked up at him with her liquid brown eyes full of confusion, despair and something else that he really couldn't put his finger on. Slowly she lifted her face up and barely stopped an inch from his.

"Thank you for staying" he tasted the words more than heard them come from her lips. He was about to give a reply when her mouth covered his. He resisted at first but when he realized that she wasn't going to pull away from his touch he slowly lifted his hands and wrapped his fingers into her mane of curls. He let the curls dance around his hand as he deepened the kiss.

The feel of her hands under his shirt shocked him back into reality, he pulled back because he didn't want her this way, not full of grief for the death of someone she loved so deeply. He untangled himself from her and turned to jump off the bed when he felt her hand on his arm.

"Don't leave, I want this, I want you to love me just this once." her voice sounded so small and vulnerable, he hesitated.

"I can't stay in this bed with you, this isn't what you want or need from me. You need comfort but if you take this type of comfort you will come to hate me more and come to think that you made a huge mistake. You don't love me, hell you don't even like me" he stated dispassionately.

"Please stay, I won't hate you and I won't regret this." She sat up on her knees and started to unbutton her shirt. He watched every button slip through their tiny holes and he felt his sanity slip away with every slip of a button. Her shirt drifted over her shoulders and down her back. Michelle reached up and cupped his face in her hands bringing his mouth closer to hers. This kiss was not sweet nor tender it was fierce and passionate, Danny completely lost himself to it. He slowly lowered Michelle to the bed as his hands began to explore every curve of her body and he memorized every moment of this glorious experience.


End of Chapter One




















The sun slowly peeked over the balcony doors cast a luminous glow throughout the room. Next to the doors sat a 18th century wingback chair and in this chair sat a brooding young man. His chocolate curls made his features seem boyish and unruly, quite the opposite demeanor that this man showed his business partners.

He sat staring at his monstrous bed sitting the far corner of the room. He knew that once the sun cast its sun rays onto the sleeping form in his bed the whole dream would be shattered. The person in the bed would regret the night before and would blame him for taking advantage of her. He knew that nothing in his life would be the same.

Slowly he watched the light creep across the room and onto the bed. The light made her sleeping features seem angelic, she just seem to cast an angelic image in this peaceful moment.

Just as he thought about getting up and taking one last moment to kiss her perfect lips the idea was dashed as her liquid brown eyes popped open and focused on him sitting near the doors. The confusion in her eyes slowly led way to recognition and then remembrance. She lifted her body slowly from the bed and threw her legs over the opposite side of the bed from him. The sheets wrapped around her like a suit of armor, and her back ramrod straight she dashed to the bathroom.

He heard the bathroom door lock with a loud click that seemed to reverberate off every wall of the room. He slumps forward in defeat, he knows that the trust that they had begun to form has been completely shattered, with one act that he had hoped had been her acceptance of their marriage, the one thing that he had always wanted. Her to come to him with love in her heart and her eyes just for him, but it wasn't what it was. She had been hurting and he knew it but she had come to him and he had wanted her for so long, so he gave in to the temptation and now it was going to ruin him.

Meanwhile in the bathroom Michelle is staring at herself in the vanity mirror.

‘God what must he think of me? He must regret what happened last night, I can’t believe that I did that.’ Michelle slumped down onto the cold tile floor. She didn’t regret last night, she thought it was the most wonderful thing that had happened to her in the past few days. Guilt washed over her for not even thinking of Jesse once. He never crossed her mind since the phone call from Rick to let her know that her father had died. The only person she wanted to run to get comfort from was Danny, she knew that she could trust him to hold her and even love her.

When Danny came to her last night she couldn’t think of anything but the pain and wanting him to make it better, to soothe the ache that she felt from losing yet another parent. Michelle was so afraid that now she had ruined their friendship, she had made it all the worse because she wanted him so much. Danny was slowly working his way into her heart and soul and she didn’t want to shatter the fragile truce that they had but it looked like it might be too late. She had woken up so happy but when she saw him looking so miserable sitting next to the window she knew that he didn’t feel the same. Danny regretted their time last night and now Michelle had to figure out a way to make it better. This was all her fault.

Michelle splashed some water on her face and grabbed her robe off the back of the door. She wrapped the silken belt around her and tied it securely to her waist. She slipped the lock and opened the door in full preparation to talk to Danny but when she walked fully into the room he was gone. There was no sign of what happened last night, the bed was made, the clothes that had scattered the floor were gone. He had left without a word or a second glance, what was left of her heart shattered into a million pieces as she realized that she must have caused even more damage than she thought. Michelle quickly rummaged through her dresser and found a pair of jeans and a pink t-shirt, rapidly throwing them on she went in search of Danny.



End of Chapter Two































Danny looked up when Michelle entered the office; his heart tightened at just the sight of her. He turned his eyes back to the sheet of paper in his hand before she could notice the anguish in his eyes. He silently waited for Michelle to blast him for taking advantage of her the night before, Danny knew that was what he had done he just couldn’t deny it to himself. His mind drifted back to the few precious hours where he pretended that the outside world didn’t exist, his mother, his responsibilities and Jesse. Danny wondered how Michelle was going to explain to her dear Jesse about what happened the night before, he knew how she was going to handle it, pretend like it never happened.

Michelle watched Danny and waited for him to tell her what a terrible mistake the both of them had made last night. The thing that kept bothering her was the fact that she didn’t feel like it was a mistake. Last night she realized that she had actually fallen in love with Danny and she didn’t want anyone else there to comfort her. Danny made her feel cherished and loved in a way that Jesse never could. Michelle slowly approached the desk in complete determination, she was ready to tell Danny that this marriage meant something to her. As Michelle opened her mouth to speak the door burst open and Carmen came in with a deep scowl on her face.

“Michelle could you please leave? Daniel and I have some things to talk about.” Carmen’s voice dripped venom.

“Yes, of course Carmen.” Michelle tried not to let her uncertainty show but she unconsciously shivered.

Michelle threw a beseeching look towards Danny trying to convey that should wanted desperately to talk to him. Danny’s eyes lingered on her as she made her way out of the room, as her small frame disappeared around the corner he let out a long suffering sigh.

“Yes mother.”

“We just heard from the Sandavol family” Carmen said in a sickenly sweet voice.

“What did they have to say?” Danny didn’t really want to know but knew that his mother would just stand in front of him and stare until he asked.

“They are deeply offended that you broke the engagement with Theresa. Unless we make some amends they fully intend to have their retribution.”

“What do you have planned mother?” Danny asked as he ran a hand through his unruly chocolate curls. He really didn’t need this today, between Michelle’s father dying and one of their shipments being held up by the FBI, he was having a very hard day.

“I think that you need to figure out how to make this better. If you hadn’t of married that girl then everything would still be on track, but since you insisted on marrying her then you fix your own mess.” Carmen said off-handedly as she walked towards the door. “Oh! Daniel that gave us forty-eight hours to make our restitution.” drifted to him as the door shut behind his mother.

Danny went to the wet bar, grabbed a glass and filled it with scotch. He took one sip and then his anger got the better of him and he threw the delicate piece of glass across the room. The crash made a satisfying sound, Danny wanted horribly to wrap his hands around his mother’s throat right at that moment. Carmen had been insufferable since Michelle had moved into Casa Santos. Danny sat down behind the desk and started planning on how he was going to smooth over the ire of the other family. He never loved Theresa and he knew that Theresa never loved him, why did this have to be so complicated. He slammed his head against the desk and prayed that just once things would go right for him.

Three hours later Danny came awake as he felt a small hand on the top of his head running through his hair. He slowly lifted his head and wished that he hadn’t for standing there in front of him was the last person he wanted to see, Theresa.




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08:44 am - another LFN fanfic

Your son was so beautiful

Michael's blood froze in his veins. His eyes flashed green fire as he stared at the small card in his hand. He had only stopped by Nikita's apartment to check on her, the last mission had been a tough one. detoxing Nikita from the phasing shell had taken a lot longer than Michael had thought, it took Walter and Birkhoff's help to get her through. Watching her destroy the horrible machine had made him sigh in relief, when Walter had stopped him in the hall to say that Nikita had been seen going into the room with the damn machine Michael had sworn his heart had stopped for a minute. He was worried that he would find her in there putting herself through more torture, but instead the machine was almost in shambles.

Michael had walked slowly into Nikita's room because he didn't want to take the chance of waking her. Ever since the War with Red Cell she had been very jumpy and once when he had stopped to check on her had actually shot a hole in the wall near his head. When he got to the top of the stairs leading to her bedroom, the moonlight had washed across her peaceful sleeping features and he had felt a small smile tug at his lips. Michael had turned to leave when he noticed the white card laying on the nightstand, he approached the little table and looked down to read the single line of text. His eyes narrowed into slits in suspicion. Snatching the card off the night stand he headed quickly to Nikita’s door and out of her apartment making sure that her door was secure before walking out of the building.

Michael jumped into his Porsche Ruf CTR2


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08:43 am - LFN fanfic

One line means negative and two lines mean that the test is positive…

Nikita looked over at the innocent looking stick sitting on her bathroom sink and hoped that the answer she was going to receive would be negative. Nikita got up and left the bathroom and started wandering around her apartment in hopes that her fear would be unfounded but deep down she knew that it wasn’t. She looked down at her watch as it began to beep to signal the end of her wait. Slowly she ascended her stairs and walked to the bathroom. With shaking hands Nikita picked up the innocent looking stick, no longer was it an innocent item to her for there blaring back at her was two definable lines. She was pregnant.

The pregnancy test clattered to the floor as Nikita dropped it and stared at herself in the mirror a mask of horror on her face. ‘Oh God! What am I going to do?’ Nikita thought. Suddenly Michael’s familiar knock sounded on her front door. Nikita jumped at the unexpected noise and hurriedly began to clear away the evidence of the pregnancy test.

“Nikita” Michael’s voice sounded from the other side of the door.

“Coming” Nikita said calmly as she took one last look to make sure that he wouldn’t notice any signs of the recent development in her life.

Nikita descended down the stairs just as she hit the bottom step she heard the distinct click of the lock slipping back. Moments later Michael was standing in the open doorway.

“What were you doing?” He asks as the door swings closed and he begins his normal circuit through her apartment.

Nikita watches him as he walks through her kitchen, passes by her dining area and finishes his walk by reaching the middle of her living room. All the while his eyes searching for anything out of the ordinary or any guests. She always wondered if he was just obsessive compulsive or if he really cared enough to make sure she was safe.

“What were you doing?” comes filtering through her musings and she realizes that she never answered his question.

He stood in front of her expectantly, his blue-green eyes searching her eyes trying to find the answer in the depths of her blue orbs.

“Nothing” She forces herself to smile kindly and to keep her secret out of her eyes. “Why are you here?” Nikita wonders out loud.

Michael’s gaze slipped away from Nikita. “I came to see how you were doing. I know that Jurgen meant a lot to you.”

Michael’s heart felt like it was in a vice grip just thinking of how close Nikita and Jurgen had gotten. To have that man take his own life to save all of them showed how much honor the man really had. Admittedly it was also to save himself from being cancelled when they got back to Section, but Michael also knew that Nikita blamed him when it came to the other man’s downfall. Michael admitted to himself that he had taken a demented pleasure in Jurgen’s downfall because he was jealous of the relationship that the man had forged with Nikita. Michael had secretly hoped that once Nikita had seen what Jurgen was doing and how he had earned his so called freedom in Section that she would see how Jurgen was not someone to trust, but as usual leave it to Nikita to still find the good in Jurgen and to still respect him as a good man.

“Michael” Nikita’s voice felt like a physical slap. His eyes jerked back to her face and he waited patiently for Nikita to demand that he leave. “I know that you were happy when Jurgen lost his control over Section. I just don’t understand why now? Why come here today? Just leave please.” Nikita shook her head, turned and pulled open her French doors and walked out of the apartment leaving Michael to stare after her.

He didn’t really know why he picked today to come to see her. He knew that he should be at home with Elena and Adam right now, spending time with his wife and child, but he was here trying to repair things with Nikita. He knew that if Operations and Madeline knew where he was and what he was doing that they would try to cancel Nikita again. None of them could afford for the Vachek mission to be jeopardized but here he was anyway trying to make the love of his life know that he was here for her still.

Slowly Michael walked to the French doors and looked out to see Nikita sitting in a wooden lounger crying silently. He rushed over and tried to envelop her into a hug but she resisted, but he refused to let go and after a few half-hearted attempts to break free Nikita finally relaxed in his embrace. They sat together, Nikita crying and Michael comforting, for half an hour and then Nikita broke free from the embrace. Michael didn’t resist her breaking the embrace, he stared at her silently, waiting for her to explain.

“I’m okay Michael. Jurgen was a good man, but I also know that he chose his path and he chose the way he died. It was hard to lose a friend, but I know how the Section works and know that Jurgen picked the best way for him.” Nikita gave Michael a watery smile and got up to walk back into her apartment. “He did what he had to do. Just as we have to do what we do to survive.”

Michael watched her retreat back into her apartment and he trailed after her. Nikita went to the cabinet, grabbed a glass and filled it with water. She brought the glass to her lips and took a sip. “Michael, I’m fine why don’t you go on. There is nothing you can do here for me.”

“Nikita, I’m here if you need to talk.” Michael said as he started towards her door. “Please just let me know if you need anything.” He whispered as he turned the doorknob.

After Michael left Nikita sat down in her living room to try and sort out what she was going to do about her pregnancy. She had to make some very hard decision before this baby was born.


End Chapter One












Michael sat at his desk staring unseeingly out into the common area of Section. He should have never brought Nikita back, he had been so selfish, all he wanted was for her to be near him again. He had missed her terribly, he could barely function those six months that she was gone, but knowing that she was alive should have been enough for him. He made a big mess out of all of this, he knew that he had given her false hope, but in truth he had also given himself false hope. His hope that she would understand and they could be discreet was stretching the bounds of what he knew Nikita was like. He knew that she was impatient, rebellious and exuberant; he thought that if he told her to be patient that she would understand that he was trying his best to work on a plan to get them through her retraining and the suspicion that they were under.

Suddenly his mind of flooded of images of Nikita from the night they shared, her scent seemed to waft through out his small office making it feel smaller and uncomfortable. His hands itched to touch her again, he was dying to taste her again and to become one whole with her again. He always wondered what it would be like to be with her and now that he had all he wanted was to do it again. Nikita was the other half of him, being this distant from her emotionally was killing him, overcoming this new barrier that she had erected with Jurgen’s help was becoming unbearable. He needed to formulate a plan to win her back, but this time he had to make sure that she understood that this was for him and not for Section.

He had just begun to construct a plan to try to win his place back into Nikita’s good graces when his phone began to ring.


“My office now.” Madeline’s voice intoned quietly.

“Of course.” Michael flipped his phone shut. He shut his computer down, stood up and began to button his jacket when his door came crashing open. Michael blinked, his surprise not showing on his face.

“Michael I need to talk to you.” Nikita rushed out.


“Now.” Nikita’s eyes flashed a brilliant blue, her jaw set to let him know that she was not going to budge.

Michael stared at her stubborn form before gliding easily to her left and around her. “Madeline is expecting me. We will talk later.”

Michael knew that his brush off was not helping the situation between him and Nikita but he couldn’t afford for Madeline and Operations to find a reason to try and cancel Nikita again, not so soon to her coming back.

Nikita stared hard at Michael’s retreating back. ‘Just great this is not the way I need to do this. I can’t start something in the middle of Section.

Standing silently in Michael’s office, Nikita tried to figure out what to do. Finally she reached into her purse and found a pen and paper. She scribbled down a note for him, she slipped it between the desk and his panel for his security scrambler making sure to leave a slight corner hanging out for him to see but not too obvious for others. Nikita then left Michael’s office quietly, she waved to Birkhoff as she passed by Comm and as she passed Munitions she gave Walter a flirtatious smile.

Meanwhile Michael entered Madeline’s office with apprehension building inside him. What could Madeline want with him now. Nikita had been given a few weeks off because of Jurgen’s death so he knew that she hadn’t done anything to cause Operations to be mad at her. Things were going pretty well with his mission marriage and Adam was growing to be a happy and healthy little boy.

“Michael, I would like to talk to you about Nikita.” Madeline said with her Mona Lisa smile in place.

Michael wanted to roll his eyes and say what else is new but he knew to keep his mouth shut and listen to what the powers that be in Section had to say.

“I am worried about how Nikita is doing. She hasn’t been back in Section very long and already she has had to deal with her lover being killed.” Madeline watched Michael carefully for any reaction to her wording. She knew that Nikita and Jurgen had not been lovers, but she wanted to see how much this would affect Michael.

Michael didn’t move, he also knew that Nikita and Jurgen had never consummated their relationship, he had made sure that they couldn’t take that step. The phone calls and his showing up at her apartment were always timed to interfere, he didn’t know if Nikita had figured it out, but he was pretty sure that she had. This fact didn’t bother Michael in the least, he somewhat hoped that Nikita understood the lengths that he went to and that she might one day appreciate what he had done.

Madeline waited patiently for Michael to make some movement to let her know what he was thinking, but he stood still in front of her waiting for her to go on.

“Michael, I want you to keep a close eye on Nikita. We have given her the next couple weeks off and I want you to shadow her. Do whatever it takes to make sure that when her leave is up that she is here on time and ready to perform her duties to the best of her abilities.” Madeline turned to her computer and began typing, effectively dismissing Michael from her office.

“Of course” Michael said quietly, he then took a step back and turned to walk out the door.

“Oh and Michael, make sure that whatever is bothering the two of you has been resolved by that time also.” Michael paused mid-stride then continued on his way out the door.

Great how can this get any worse’ Michael thought as he trudged slowly back to his office.


End of Chapter Two












The cool night air washed over her as she stood patiently waiting. The wind lifted the strands of her hair making it dance around and the moon made it glow brilliantly in the night. To people who passed by she looked like an angel glowing to guide them on their way home. Nikita was so lost in her own thoughts that she didn’t notice the dark shadow that approached her, she never heard the soft footfalls signaling an intruder into her own little world, nor did she hear him whisper her name twice. She felt the heat radiating off his body before she registered him standing behind her.

“Michael, why do you insist on sneaking up on me?” exasperated she turned around to look into the solemn green eyes.

“I said your name.” Michael stated with a slight shrug of his wide shoulders. “You needed to talk to me?”

“I need to know where we stand. I know you have told me to be patient and also to get over it, but I need to know are we mentor-student or friends?”

“I don’t know.” came the monotone reply.

“I would like to say that we can at least try to be friends. These last two months have been very difficult on everyone. I just need to know where we are in our relationship.” Nikita said as she went over in her mind how she was going to tell him that she was pregnant. It wouldn’t be easy and she needed his help to make herself disappear.

“Is this all you wanted?” Michael said as he turned to leave. “We are friends Nikita.”

“Michael please wait I need to tell you something else.” Nikita didn’t notice the note of apprehension in her voice, but Michael didn’t miss it. He turned to face her, afraid to hear what was causing her anxiety. Had Operations or Madeline made a threat? Was she worried about her place in Section? Or was this about Jurgen?


“I don’t know how to tell you this….”


“I um, Well I needed to tell you.”

“Tell me.”

“I’m pregnant”

Michael could have sworn that a meteor in all of its burning glory had slammed straight into him. The shock of Nikita’s admission nearly tore his heart out of his body. Had he completely missed the relationship that her and Jurgen had, how could they have gotten the time alone long enough to make this happen. He had them under constant surveillance, but apparently he had missed at least one time because here stood the love of his life telling him that she was pregnant with another man’s child.

It never dawned on Nikita to let Michael know this was his child. She thought he would automatically assume the baby was his. She didn’t realize her relationship with Jurgen had began making the rounds at Section and everyone assumed the two of them had slept together. She was looking to the father of her child wanting help and never knowing she needed to cement the fact this was to be his child too.

“Michael I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to raise the baby in Section, please I need your help.” Her eyes filled with tears and she launched herself into Michael’s still form.

Michael’s heart screamed in pain as he slowly wrapped his arms around Nikita. He couldn’t believe that he had been so blind, he remembered back to Madeline’s comment about Nikita and Jurgen and his arrogance just a few hours ago as to that particular subject.

“I’ll help you Nikita.” Michael whispered into her hair. The smell of her brought back the now painful memories of their night together and he wished fervently that this baby was his and not Jurgen’s, but he knew that if this child had been his then Nikita would have come to him sooner and demanded his help.

The two of them stood wrapped in each others arms listening their soft breathing. Both of them trying to figure out where to go next, but neither able to voice their own fears. Michael had to protect Nikita and the baby, it didn’t matter to him that the baby wasn’t his this little being was still apart of Nikita and he would protect him or her just for that fact. Nikita was thrilled that Michael had agreed to help her, but he still hadn’t said anything about the fact that they two of them were about to become parents. She wondered if this brought back painful memories of the little boy him and Simone had together. As the hour got later the temperature began to drop; Michael was the first to notice the air getting chiller and realized he needed to get Nikita inside. It wasn’t good for her or the baby in this weather, she couldn’t afford to get sick.

“Nikita, you need to get inside.” Michael said tenderly as he extracted himself from her arms.

“Will you go with me?” Nikita catechized

“I will walk you home.” Michael replied.

“Then where are you going?”

“I have to go to Section to start figuring out a plan to help you.” Michael stated as they started walking towards her apartment.

Nikita wrapped her arms around Michael’s right arm and rested her head upon his shoulder. “Thank you Michael, for everything that you have done for me.”

Michael looked down at the top of Nikita’s head, he smiled slightly and reveled in the feel of having her show affection to him again. He knew that he was really going to miss her when she had to leave, but this time he was going to know she was alive and where she was at, he would make sure of it.


End of Chapter Three













Birkhoff looked anxiously up to the Perch as he typed in his password. Michael had come to his room twenty minutes ago and asked for his help in compiling some files. Michael didn’t explain what he needed the files for but Birkhoff just knew in the pit of his stomach that whatever Michael needed them for could cost both of them a swift trip to the White Room and probably cancellation. There was only one person that Michael would risk that type of retribution for and that was Nikita, and if this was suppose to help her then Birkhoff was going to take that chance also. Nikita was the one saving grace in this forsaken place, but Birkhoff knew that she didn’t belong in Section, heck everyone knew that Nikita didn’t belong in Section.

Operations and Madeline had been furious to find out that Nikita had made it out of the suicide mission alive. The speculation around Section had been that Michael had let her go of course this was only speculation and no one could prove it, but Birkhoff had a new respect for the older operative. The heir apparent had fallen out of favor with the higher ups but that didn’t lessen the fear that he put into everyone when he walked through the halls. Even suggesting that he had gone against the powers that be in such a blatant act of defiance had earned him more respect by most of the operatives. Every operative in Section had given Michael a wide berth when they found out that Nikita had been put on a suicide mission and he had given the order to blow the building while she was still inside. There had been times of brazen disrespect and rebellion on missions that Michael led in the first couple months that Nikita had been presumed dead, but then it became obvious that no matter what the operatives did they could not make Michael feel anymore guilty than he already did. About a month before Nikita’s return the other agents began to sympathize with him, they all knew that there had been a genuine regard for the life that apparently got cut short by the evil duo that ran this hell they all lived in. When Nikita was found to be alive all the operatives had secretly rejoiced to have their shining light back.

Birkhoff shook his head to get his rampant thoughts back under control.

I need to stop thinking and start working.“

Birkhoff tapped on his keyboard with swift sure strokes and slowly began to amass all the information that Michael had requested. It wasn’t too difficult to get through all the security measures that Operations and Madeline had on their systems. He was still the best hacker in all of Section and that is why Michael had come to him. Finally the Directory and Gemstone files were amassed all on shadow disks for Michael and to take extra precaution Birkhoff had enlisted Walter to gene code the disk when he was done. As he was backing out of Operations private files a recently added file came to his attention and with mild curiosity he opened the unfamiliar file.

As the information began flooding the screen Birkhoff’s eyes widen in amazement and then his mouth dropped open in horror. Quickly he composed himself and added the file to the accumulated disks. He then typed a quick note to Michael to let him know that he had added another file to the collection and that it was of utmost importance that he look at it as soon as possible. Birkhoff knew that Michael would find this new information disconcerting, but he would also know what to do with it. Slowly Birkhoff backed out of the files and erased any signs of his presence. Then he got up from his work station and ambled over to the Munitions area. Walter was bent over working on one of his pet projects when Birkhoff arrived, he inclined his head slightly to acknowledge the young computer whizzes presence. Birkhoff stood behind Walter and slightly to the left so that no one would notice what he was about to do, he looked quickly over his shoulder to ensure no one was looking as he brought his left hand up onto the work bench. Silently the shadow disks were deposited on the work bench and the young operative melted into the shadows as he disappeared out of the area. He trudged back towards his quarters; he had another hour before he had to be on duty and he was hoping to get some time to try out his new video game. A part of him just wanted to forget what he had seen on those secret files, but he knew that he wouldn’t be able to get the information off his brain any time soon. He shook his head and hoped that Michael would be able to take the information and correct what was so obviously a mistake on Operations part. Birkhoff didn’t think that Operations and Madeline could be that cruel, could they? The heavy thoughts stayed with Birkhoff as he entered his code into his door panel and sat down at his computer to boot up his new game.

After a few minutes Walter laid his soldering iron down next to the disks and as he moved his hand away they disappeared into his palm. He continued to work for a few more minutes so that he didn’t bring undue attention to himself or Birkhoff’s visit. He took the shadow disks into the back of his work station and used Michael’s DNA to gene code them. He then dropped them into Michael’s equipment bag, which Michael should be picking up in about two hours when his next mission goes out.

Like Birkhoff, Walter wasn’t exactly sure what Michael was doing, but he knew that Nikita had to be involved. Michael had come to him in his usual calm façade but underneath his cool mask Walter could see the inner turmoil. The sorrow, regret and worry were etched deeply in the younger man’s eyes and he only got that look when Nikita was entangled in some kind of mess. The three men had protected her many times, more than she probably realized, and more than she could ever imagine. As a recruit, Nikita had been a handful and the three men had worked overtime to protect her from Operations. As a new operative the three of them had endeavored to keep her on the straight and narrow according to Section rules and regulations, they were able to keep her mostly in line except for some rare occurrences, but they could never get her to listen when it came to acceptable collateral.

Walter was yanked forcefully from his musings when he saw movement on his left. He looked up quickly to notice an anxious Nikita rush into the main area. Walter watched as she rushed down a hallway close to Michael’s office, by the time she hit the end she was almost to a dead run. Alarmed Walter was headed out of his little haven when he saw Michael come rushing out of his office. He caught the younger man’s attention and his worry was put to rest when Michael gave him a look to let him know that he was on his way to take care of his Sugar. Walter retreated slowly back to his stool keeping alert to see if anyone else had noticed the strange scene that had just played out. The few people that were in the vicinity were to busy getting ready for the upcoming mission to notice, his eyes flitted up to the Perch and he thanked God that Operations nor Madeline were present. He looked back towards the hallway that Nikita and Michael had disappeared down. He really hoped that Michael could help Nikita because whatever was bothering her might have some deadly ramifications.



End of Chapter 4

(brainwash if you want)

08:42 am - hmmm

Tortured blue eyes stared unseeingly at the wooden coffin in front of them, the pouring rain went unheeded and unheard as the figures in black began to descend the slight incline to their cars. Eventually a lone figure stood next to the grave, no one noticed as it crumpled and fell into a heap.

Elizabeth stared through the haze of pain, disbelief and sorrow at the casket that held the love of her life, father to her children and the only lover she ever had. Her blond hair, soaked from the rain, plastered itself to her shoulders and face; she peeled the strands away from her eyes as she lay there in the mud trying to remember the happy times and forget the horrible accident scene that had been plastered over the news for the last week.

Freak accident the headlines screamed everywhere she went; tragically the accident had claimed the life of the mayor and senator hopeful. After days of investigations the police still had no idea why the boat that the mayor had been on had gone up in flames. All anyone knew was that now the mayor was dead leaving behind his beautiful wife and two teenage children. The police had never released the description of what the mayor had looked like but every time Elizabeth closed her eyes she saw the horrible images flash in front of her; that horrible moment where she had to identify her husband‘s mutilated body.

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08:41 am - the basis for a new story

I only have a paragraph for this story but kind of working on some other things and have put this one kind of on the back burner.  Will come back to it when I can.

Dear Diary,

In ancient ties it wasn’t unheard of, as a matter of fact it was common practice, but this is modern day. I seriously thought that the tradition was out of date, but I was proven wrong. I mean this new development hasn’t impeded my life in any way, and to be completely honest it is sound judgment on my father’s part. I don’t know if I can honestly go through with this, I mean how am I suppose to be expected to marry a man that I have never met!!!! I can’t believe that I have been set up in an arranged marriage. Please God give me the strength to go through with this.

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08:39 am - the beginning of story for hubby

The lightning slashed across the dark sky causing the young traveler to shrink back into the shadow of a large tree. Frenzied eyes searched the rest of the encircling trees; looking for any signs of pursuers. As the light faded into nothingness the traveler prayed that no one following had seen him. He ran with all the speed he could muster but after a week of no food and very little water he didn’t have much strength to carry him.

A downed tree stretched across his path as he started to claw his way over he heard the distinct sound of dogs barking and labored breathing. He tried to move faster but his weakening body wouldn’t or couldn’t comply.

When the second flash of lightning illuminated the night sky the traveler looked over his shoulder. His heart sank as he watched the cloaked figures emerge from the trees. He slid slowly to the ground as a sob of defeat escaped from deep within his throat. The light again faded from the world as the figures came closer.

A third flash brightened the dank forest, there was no evidence of the distressed traveler or his pursuers, it was as though they never existed.

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